Empower. equip. engage

Who We Are

It is the mission of G.A.I.M. Plan Counseling & Consulting, PLLC to empower individuals, families and organizations in our community by providing necessary programs, resources and services.

Our primary focus as an organization is to deliver quality professional services to our clients and adequate support to our staff in order to positively impact our overall community.

COre values

EFFECTIVENESS: utilize practice & evidence based strategies.

EXCELLENCE: Exceed the expectations of our clients.

ENTHUSIASIM: Demonstrate our passion and interest in working with our clients

Our Team

"What I like most about being a part of GP C &C is that I have been able to use my passions and talents to help others. I am able to think outside of the box and meet other just right where they are".
Stephanie Palmer-ikuku
CEO / Founder
Licensed Professional Counselor - Supervisor
"Its amazing to have a place were I can work remotely and reach more clients. To helpm others fulfill their God-Given purpose is why I do what I do.
Karen Imala
Licensed Social Worker, Life Coach & Author
"I have always had a passion to help others. So having this opportunity to work with other people that genuinely have the same passion has been a true blessing. "
jennifer oritz
Registered Nurse / Volunteer
"I love helping in seeing the bigger picture. Whether using numbers, charts or ... the outcome is the same here at GPCC, PLL: Excellence
Kalie Kalt
Data Strategist
What I love most about being a counselor is witnessing the process and breakthroughs that leads to improved progress. I love knowing and feelign that through their hard work and guidance on my end that clients can make healthier life choices and positive differences for themselves.
Xylia Hidalgo
Licensed Professional Counselor
Da' Hood Therapist here at your service.
Olubukola Ajayi
Licensed Professional Counselor - Associate
supervised by: stephanie palmer-ikuku
"Coming from a place where one's village is everything, I look forward to giving back to help strengthening and giving back to communities"
Emuobonuvie palmer-ikuku
CFO / Volunteer
"I have a heart for those that have been unable to find their identity, passion and/or goals in life. I would love to be able to help you find the path you are looking for"
Dorah mukoro
Executive Coordinator
Certified Life Coach
"I like working with my family and I like to help people"
Gabriella palmer-ikuku
Office Manger / Child Strategist
"I like going to my mom's games and working"
izabella palmer-ikuku
Office Manager / Child Strategist